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‘Limewash’ 9th February 2019 11 -3pm

Limewash workshop with Jan Williams The workshop will introduce the history of Lime-wash, its use as an architectural painting medium and the ways it can be used to create paintings. You will look at the traditional colours and materials used to tint Lime-wash, and will be of particular interest to anyone who is interested in the Read more

‘Journey Book’ 16th February 2019 11 -3pm

Journey book workshop with Gemma Jayne Paine This collage workshop will help you to build a journey book of your life or a chapter in your life, in a very tactile form – quite different from the digitised version of your life. Please bring memory prompts/aide-mémoire for example old photographs and materials that can be Read more

‘The Art of Walking Slowly’ 3rd February 2019, 11 – 3pm

Walking workshop with Jo Shapland who will take you to some interesting locations within and near to BayArt where she will share some of her approaches, showing you ways to sensitize to your own body and your surroundings at a deeper level.  This workshop will happen indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather, so please dress Read more

‘In Conversation’ 2nd February 2- 3pm

Vivi-Mari Carpelan, Jo Shapland, Lou Lockwood, Gemma Jayne Paine, Rachel Wellbeing and Jan Williams will talk about their work with Phil Nicol before the Private View This exhibition is a partnership project with Disability Arts Cymru Read more