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THROB:FEELY – Sue Williams 06.02.16 –

THROB:FEELY Sue Williams

Sue Williams is bringing together the artistic and medical world to lift the taboo of talking about sexual dysfunction. The result is THROB:FEELY a series of conversations, exhibitions and performances that starts in October 2015 and will combine painting and drawing installations, music, poetry and theatre installation.  At the heart of the unique art-meets-science encounter is the partnership between the artist and erectile dysfunction specialist and cardiologist Dr Nick Ossei-Gerning who brings his expert knowledge and the shared experience of his patients to the ground-breaking initiative.

Sue Williams’ research into sexual health issues has fed her desire to understand human ‘communication’, relationship dysfunction and the dependency on social media where all aspects of human emotion, well-being, life, death, ego and vulnerability lies. A portal to this alternative world is being offered…. to hide from reality. There is an on-going fusion of the real world and cyber- world, between public and private, between reality and fantasy.
The exploration of these two worlds, sexual dysfunction and social media, strongly feeds her desire to further explore, understand and translate the meaning of ‘communication’. This is a provocative exhibition of new work that confront the rich core of the taboo subject of sexual dysfunction that rigorously expose the darkness and humour on the subject that is often held in the sadness of shadow.