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Rachel Gadsden & the Deluge Collective

17th April – 14th May 2021

Virtual Exhibition: Rachel Gadsden “Storm” in collaboration with the Deluge Collective, from 17th April 2021.  An online exhibition of paintings, drawings, animations, and a digital art/sound performance film.  

‘And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. … When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.
’                              Haruki Murakami  – Kafka on the Shore 2002

The Deluge Collective is a diverse international collaboration of artists, musicians, and writers. We explore ways that expression moves between our individual artistic practices, to reveal deeper ideas of our shared humanity. Underpinning the creative process is the ambition to embed disability access as a central part of our aesthetic vision.

Rachel Gadsden (UK) is a disabled and visually impaired artist and director. Expressionist in approach, she creates solo exhibitions, performances and collaborative social engagement art projects with disabled, vulnerable and mainstream communities nationally and internationally, through painting, performance, digital film, with the object of developing cross-cultural dialogues considering universal notions of humanity.

Colin Hambrook (UK) is an artist, poet, performer, writer, and editor of Disability Arts Online. He makes drawings, paintings, and mixed media artworks alongside an extensive practice of published writing, which reflects his status as a disabled artist. “Knitting Time” – a research and development project, reflected on ‘loss’ as a trigger for psychosis, including the production of a beautiful book of poems and drawings.

Siu Fong Yeung (Hong Kong) is a disabled visual and performance artist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School. Yeung has extensive experience in performance, video, installation and painting and has exhibited her work in Hong Kong and Internationally.

Jeremy Hawkes (Australia) is a disabled practicing artist, arts worker, writer, and sometimes performer. He has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas for over 20 years, most recently at the Berlin Art Institute as part of a Create NSW Fellowship, the Lone Goat Gallery in Byron Bay, and a solo exhibition at the Lismore Regional Gallery.

Freddie Meyers (UK) is a composer, trumpet player, and musical director of @bandwidthensemble which explores the temporality of live music in the online environment. His music explores the way that disparate elements can sit together to create new and exciting sonorities. Part of his practice has focused on collaborations with levantine musicians, navigating ways that different musical cultures can exist as one.

Emily Earl (Wales) is a violinist who’s practice is varied and diverse. She won the @beareslondon Bow Prize from the @royalacademyofmusic and her playing encompass both newly commissioned works and period instrument performance. Emily conceptualises music around the concepts of expression and communication and the Deluge collective provides an intriguing space, where concepts of chamber music can be extended to the wider arts.