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Open Books

Chinese folding book by Robin Wallace-Crabbe

Touring exhibition travelling to China, Australia and other countries. Curated by Mary Husted. From Hong Kong there is one artist, Ou Da Wei, who works within the Chinese tradition of dry brush painting, while two others, Gukzik Lau and Frank Vigneron, make work  which is entirely contemporary.  The two Australian artists, G W Bot and Robin Wallace-Crabbe, are highly regarded artists, at home and abroad, while the artist Natalie d’Arbeloff, is a very well respected book artist, based in London.  The other ten artists, Iwan Bala, David Gould, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Sue Hunt, Mary Husted, Maggie James, Heather Nixon, Alan Salisbury, Lois Williams and Sue Williams, are based in Wales.  All are established artists with long histories of exhibiting nationally and internationally.

Image: © Robin Wallace – Crabbe. The Tragic History of Anne and Annie