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META 24.01.04-21.02.04

painting by Sue Williams

Ivor Davies, Heather Eastes, Ken Elias, Christine Kinsey, Philip Nicol, Ozi Rhys Osmond, Sue Williams and Tracey Anne Williams. Poets involved are Gwenallt Llwyd Ifan, Douglas Houston, Malcom Parr, Menna Elfyn, Robert Minhinnick, Elinor Wyn Reynolds, Penny Anne Windsor, Hilary Llewellyn Williams.

‘This exhibition presents painting and poems that questions our assumptions about reality. The collaboration between painters and poets is seen as a way of offering insight into the creative process. Based on concepts that are concerned with occurences firmly rooted in the every day, but when mediated through the artists’ sensibility and realised through acts of the imagination, culminate in images that engage in the deeper and more meaningful questions about our lives.’ Christine Kinsey.

A touring exhibition organised by the Queens Hall, Narbeth, Pembrokeshire. Its central premise is very much stamped by the beliefs of Christine Kinsey, one of the exhibitors, and concerns the constancy and vitality of the imagination of Welsh painting and poetry.

Image: © Sue Williams. Untitled