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MA Documentary Photography

University of South Wales MA Documentary Photography Students are holding an exhibition (LFant) next week at BayArts in Cardiff. The preview event is on the 28th September at 6pm and includes a live performance from Tudor Etchells who is a Human Rights Lawyer and represents those seeking asylum.

On the 29th there is a live in gallery tour of all the works by the students at 11.30am and then at 2pm we have an event with internationally acclaimed PhD student and artist Edgar Martins (Our War) who won the Sony World Photography Award this year, https://www.worldphoto.org/sony-world-photography-awards/winners-galleries/2023/professional/1st-place-our-war-edgar-martins, along side PhD student Salvatore Vitale (Death by GPS) https://www.salvatore-vitale.com/#/project/death-by-gps. This will be in the BayArt gallery.

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