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George Blacklock 14.10.06-11.11.06

abstract painting by George Blacklock

Composed of layers of rich colour, both thick and thin paint, dripping and then scraped away, George Blacklock’s work is bold in movement and form. An important source of his work has been the iconography of religious painting and sculpture. More recently he has made improvisations on Michelangelo’s Pieta sculptures. In his words this “offers me something akin to what the ‘standard’ offers to a jazz musician – opportunities for invention and improvisation on a theme… The chance to test and surprise myself whilst remaining in touch with the animating force of the original work.” These paintings are both visceral and muscular. They possess an energy which comes from both an acceptance of change and a clear decisiveness. George Blacklock has recently exhibited at Flowers Gallery, New York.

Image: © George Blacklock. Untitled