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Rebecca Gould and Iwan Lewis

12th June – 9th July 2021

Gould’s practice ranges from assemblage, video and textiles, dealing with concepts of labour, capital and daily rituals. The sense of history of the object, by uprooting it from the proper place in time, removes it from its origins; history evaporates and condenses into another – modifying the value of the object by a ritualistic methodology of time, place and memory. Questioning the stability of relationship and meaning also concerns Lewis. “The discipline of smearing pigment onto a surface offers a tangible bedrock for my conceptual process whether these paintings come together to form constellations or whether they remain solitary within their own rectangle borders, never fixed to one geographical location or ideological structure a fictitious realm sucking on reality like a parasite, taking what it needs to use as building material. Relationships are always key, whether between the objects themselves or where the edges of colour meet, there’s always a desire to find a balancing point where two or more elements manage to bear one another and create some kind of dialogue.

Doubt is measured as currency, certainty is usually vacant; my aim is never to come to any conclusion”.  Rebecca and Iwan will give a bilingual artists talk and 2 bilingual workshops looking at assemblage and installation thinking about placement and balancing of objects and looking at colour? This will be use recycled materials, cardboard, fabric and paint and could reference traditional still life painters, e.g. Chardin and also installation artists like Jessica stockholder.