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2 – 31 October 2015. Diffusion Festival, Serge Clément

Bayart gallery is a major partner in this years Diffusion Festival and will exhibit internationally renowned artist Serge Clément, who lives and works in Montreal.

Although his approach stems from documentary photography, it extends beyond this into the subjective and it declares the world as an uncertain, fugitive and poetic place. For example, Disoriented is designed as a crossing of seasons of life that superimposes the urban world, rural, descriptive, introspective, sociology and philosophy. Bringing together fiction and fact, the erasing of memory, and including references to literature and the history of photography, the project encompasses 40 years of photography, drawing as much on his recent work in unpublished photographs “found” in its archives.The chiaroscuro of light and the complexities of surface and space are all extremely painterly in feel.

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