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Dépaysé – Serge Clément. 3 – 31.10.15

As a solitary journey into the heart of urban solitude and its periphery, particularly that of Montreal, Serge Clément’s work irresistibly draws the viewer into an intimate relationship to the image. The present seems always to be referring back to the memory of a fleeting instant charged with an emotion that is as intense as it is vague. Dépaysé explores the intimate connection between the artist and his work. The exhibition features fifty photographs from a never previously shown corpus. This corpus developed on the margins of the artist’s many photographic projects over a forty-year career. Clément is a master of the play of mirrors and of deceptive transparencies, of subtle filtering meant to disorient the viewer and to make him move between real and imaginary space. This space is made up of intimacy, secrets, silence and solitude. Clément thus confronts us with an almost surreal strangeness.

The exhibition is part of Diffusion 2015, Cardiff International Festival of Photography. Diffusion’s chosen theme is Looking for America, a cross-disciplinary investigation of the status and meaning of the ‘American Dream’ in relation to experience in Wales, contemporary America and the rest of the world.