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Curatorial contrasts 06.06.09-04.07.09

plaster cast in Mark Hallidays studio

4 established artists choose work by emerging artists: Louise Short – Alice Forward and Luke Pomphrey; David Ferry – Mary Nicholson and Deborah Welch; Mark Halliday – Rachel Bennett and Becky Whitmore; Emrys Williams – Jan Baker and Sharon Crew.  These artists might be working in a similar medium, or involved with shared ideas about art or simply making art that has authenticity.

For emerging artists, looking at the preceding generation can be both stimulating and daunting as they might represent both possible pathways and closed doors. Both perceptions might be correct and both can be positive.Similarly, for established artists, looking over their shoulder at younger artists coming through can be challenging, making one both more assured and certain about the specifics of your practice and also more self-critical.

Image: © Mark Halliday. Studio