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Cecile Johnson Soliz 01.10.11-28.10.11

installation shot of sculpture by Cecile Johnson Soliz

Penelope Curtis writes in, ‘Restored to Life’ : ‘Soliz wants to place her work at the margins of the gallery; associated with a place for looking, but with something else beside. It seems aesthetic (and it is), but it is not esoteric. In fact it is surprisingly real. She wants to bring some of our more quotidian pleasures and experiences towards our assessment of her art. But if she adds the very real and everyday to our experience, she also adds something uncanny, for these objects carry their communal histories, so that the noises and movements of the past now provide them with the breath of animation. They are new, and old, oh so old’.

Image: © Cecile Johnson Soliz. Vases for a Painter of Still Life