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Captured Moments: Reflected Spaces – 2 events

Please join us for the opening of the exhibition at 4.00pm on Saturday 10 September, with architect Chris Loyn.

And on Wednesday 21 September at 5.30pm when Rhian Hâf and architects featured in the exhibition will be in conversation with Carole-Ann Davies.

Physical materials, light, landscape, weather and time are the building blocks of place.  The works in this exhibition demonstrate the artist and architects’ empathy with these elements. Through design, these elements can be manipulated and composed to contribute to our experience of the built environment, the places we inhabit.
From Victoria Coombs’ intricate exploration of thresholds, to Wayne Forster’s study of the search for thermal comfort in a courtyard house, the designers consider some of the infinite variety of ways in which good design contributes to our enjoyment of day to day life.
Through ‘deep mapping’ of the Black Mountains landscape, Rhian Thomas explores architectural relationships with landscape and identity, and the shaping of landscape by human intervention over time. HASSELL’s sculptural installation records a series of journeys of recovery through a landscape where time, distance and topography take on a new significance.
Dow Jones Architects’ interest in how the careful manipulation of materials and light can elevate the apparent mundanity of the everyday into something more pleasurable and meaningful is evident in their Tanner’s Hill project. Light is also the focus of Rhian Hâf’s work. Through her understanding of the properties and qualities of glass, Rhian subtly controls the flow and density of light passing through her material, exploring effects that have a bearing on our everyday built environment.


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