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Beastly Love – Kasra Jalilipour

BayArt 7.7.23 – 29.7.23
‘Beastly Love’ is inspired by Islamic arts, specifically Persian tiles and carpets, but also taking inspiration from influences from South/West Asia with close relations to Persian arts. In these artworks, there is an obsession with animals, specifically felines and canines. There’s many examples of entangled animals, in the middle of a fight or a feed, captured in these artworks. I am interested in queer ecologies and looking at this imagery from a queer lens, while exploring the line between violence and intimacy, and how it links to the wider societal issues we face as people.

Kasra Jalilipour (b.1995, Esfahan) is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist, writer and educator, currently based in the UK. Through humour, provocation and storytelling, their practice uses the body as the subject to discuss race, gender identity and sexuality. They have an ongoing body of research which looks for fragments of queerness hidden in Iran’s Qajar era, specifically stories that centre intimacy, eroticism and gender nonconformity.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a new essay from Dylan Huw.

Join us at BayArt, 6-8pm, for a drink in the sunshine!

︎ katayounjalilipour.com
︎ @kasrajalilipour

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