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‘An Artist Abroad’

Seminar with Marc Rome, Harald Reichenbach and Philip Nicol  
Saturday 21st November 15.00 – 16.00

How to be an Artist Abroad – thoughts, ideas and reflections; from Wales to Switzerland and Ireland.

Why for such a small country, does Switzerland punch above its weight as to the amount of prominent artists dead and alive? – for example – Hodler, Giacometti, Giger, Tinguely, Corbusier, Bill, Pipilotti Rist. How does the GDP of the country relate to its support for art? Can only affluent countries afford to have so many galleries? Is it something to do with taxes? – yes,you can pay taxes in Switzerland with artworks. What level of support does the Swiss arts council – Pro Helvetia – provide to its artists? How does Wandelbar Art International operate as a collective that works across different countries? and Wandelbar Art International only accept (by invitation) artists OVER the age of 35 year. Why?

These are some of the questions that the panel will discuss before an open Q & A session.

All welcome.

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