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All Coherence Gone? Historical currents in contemporary still life 23.09.14 – 17.10.14

Digital print by Dutch artist Krista van der Niet

This exhibition curated by Frances Woodley, promotes an idea of several interwoven conversations across time and space, present and past.  These conversations take place between artists and objects, objects and objects, and between a curator and artists of two nations, the Netherlands and the UK. The conversations are about still life, a modest genre with a magnificent history, and how its historical origins in seventeenth century Dutch painting enfold and flow through contemporary practices of painting and photography today.

Artists: Emma Bennett, Clare Chapman, Kenne Grégoire, David Gould, Piet Groenendijk, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Jacco Hinke, Heather James, Alan Salisbury, Margriet Smulders, Krista van der Niet, Dawn Woolley.

Image: © Krista van der Niet. Butterflies