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56 Group Wales

Martyn Jones, 56 Group Wales, Welsh artist, BayArt

Marking 56 Years *  Grŵp 56 Cymru / 56 Group Wales.  As part of its 56th anniversary celebrations, current and recently elected members of Grŵp 56 Cymru / 56 Group Wales are holding a major exhibition at Bay Art. The energy of the Group is reflected in a stimulating display of contemporary painting, sculpture and print-making. Current members are: Ken Elias, Dennis Gardiner, Robert Harding, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Carol Hiles, Harvey Hood, Sue Hunt, Robert Alwyn Hughes, Dilys Jackson, Justine Johnson, Glyn Jones, Martyn Jones, Alison Lochhead, Tom Piper, Richard Renshaw, Peter Seabourne, John Selway, Christopher Shurrock, Kevin Sinnott, Peter Spriggs, Antonia Spowers, Emrys Williams and Pete Williams.

Image: © Martyn Jones. Night Garden Series