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Paper Exchange

6th April – 3rd May 2019

陈旭江 Chen Xujiang, 陈焰 Chen Yan, 管怀宾 Guan Huaibin, 古榕 Gu Rong, 黄骏 Huang Jun, 花俊 Hua Jun, 石冰 Shi Bing, 王曦 Xi Wang, 张浩 Zhang Hao, 周晋 Zhou Jin
Iwan Bala, Richard Cox, Ifor Davies, Dave Gould, Mary Husted, Sue Hunt, Maggie James, Philip Nicol, Valerie Coffin Price, Lois Williams, Sue Williams.

This is a collaboration with the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, with a future reciprocal exhibition being held in Hangzhou in November 2019. Facilitating this exchange are Mary Husted Curator of Open Books, Professor Hua Jun CAA, Maggie James artist /Co Curator Open Books and Joe Zhou translator and facilitator. 

The collaboration rests on a simple premise – what would happen if artists exchanged their normal working materials?  Welsh artists would be sent rice papers, Chinese artists would be sent ready made papers.

Drawing and painting on rice paper has a long tradition and history. What would happen if this was cut out, what freedoms, innovations might appear if artists in Wales used this extraordinary material to create their work. As with Western papers there are different types of rice paper – impressed and pressed, raw, medium and well done – each pressing leading to different types of absorbency of inks. The extraordinary fluid, fast quicksilver lines of Chinese calligraphy are linked to the qualities of raw paper. Detailed forms are more easily built up on well done papers. This is similar to the pressings of watercolour papers that we are more familiar with.

In the West there is a long tradition and history of drawing with the cut out / collage / papier collé and the ready made which is a not a usual starting point in the studio for our Chinese colleagues. The material becomes something to investigate, tear, reassemble and usual rules are redundant.