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Six Artists 

02 February – 01 March 2019 

Vivi Mari Carpelan, Jo Shapland, Lou Lockwood, Gemma Jayne Paine, Rachel Wellbeing and Jan Williams.

This exhibition is a partnership project with Disability Arts Cymru. These artists all possess a particular voice and a form of articulation. Some use their art to reflect upon their various disabilities, sometimes through humour, sometimes as critique or as challenge. Some are investigating material itself through their own physical capabilities or are using materiality as metaphor. They are artists who all show serious commitment to developing their own ‘voice’ and furthering their individual practices. There is no overall conceptual criteria or thematic link other than all of the artists being members of DAC, and the exhibition will highlight their particularities and individual strengths. 

China / Wales Paper Exchange

6th April – 3rd May 2019

陈旭江 Chen Xujiang, 陈焰 Chen Yan, 管怀宾 Guan Huaibin, 古榕 Gu Rong, 黄骏 Huang Jun, 花俊 Hua Jun, 石冰 Shi Bing, 王曦 Xi Wang, 张浩 Zhang Hao, 周晋 Zhou Jin
Iwan Bala, Richard Cox, Ifor Davies, Dave Gould, Mary Husted, Sue Hunt, Maggie James, Philip Nicol, Valerie Coffin Price, Lois Williams, Sue Williams.

This is a collaboration with the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou.