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Contemporary Cuban Prints.15.05.04-12.07.04

woodblock print by Julio Cesar Pena

9 Cuban artists, all members of an artists collective based at the National Association of Printmakers in Havana. Their subtle subversion hidden behind neutral imagery hints at the complex political economy that feeds a country whose character has been shaped by imperialism, long-standing embargos and political extremism!

This exhibition was initiated by Berlin based international curator, Tereza Arruda, and was co-ordinated with BayArt by Kim Fielding of Tactile Bosch, (a Cardiff studio gallery).

The artists in this exhibition were:Ruben Rodriguez, Max Delgado, Angel Ramirez
Janette Brossard Series, Julio Cesar Pena, Hugo Azcuy, Norberto Marrero, Rafael Zarza
Ibrahim Miranda

Image: © Julio Cesar Pena. Untitled